Martyn Cook

Frontend Web Developer.

Helping agencies, designers and companies grow their presence on the web.

  • To me, being present on a job is paramount. I understand how important it is to reply to a Teams message or respond to an email.

    I'm part of the hiring process, I want you and your project to be a good fit for me and my skills.

  • I like to keep my code clean and modular. My preferred management system is Craft CMS. I also have exposure to Wordpress and Expression Engine.

    Powered by the Twig templating engine, (similar to Shopify' Liquid), I'm able to create beautiful projects with well managed re-usable HTML / TWIG.

  • Most of my clients work remotely. I'm always keen to get in to the studio and meet new people

    I'm also perfectly happy working out of my little office room with frequent video calls and morning stand-ups.

    I manage my own project time & I'm always happy to respect your processes for internal project management

  • I use BEM and vanilla JavaScript as well as some CSS frameworks.

    We will work together to come up with the best approach. This might be a combination of existing skills, learning new techniques or using an established internal process.


A creative front-end developer living in Liverpool, England.

I’m passionate about front-end development, being part of creative & exciting teams, making genuine connections and bringing recognition to great brands through web development and design.

Outside of work, I like to keep active & attempt to live a healthy and positive lifestyle.

Some interests are playing badmintonphotography, local walks & adventures in the Lakes and Peaks. I enjoy the odd nerdy board gamepainting minis, reading, listening to music / podcasts and I love to travel!

  • GitHub
  • Craft CMS
    Craft CMS
  • Bootstrap
  • Composer
  • Adobe
  • Figma
  • npm
    NPM Node
  • Slack
  • Tailwind CSS
    Tailwind CSS
  • Amazon AWS
    Amazon AWS
  • Amazon S3
    Amazon s3
  • SEO
  • BEM
  • Laravel
    Laravel Mix
  • Craft CMS expert.
  • Highly skilled in frontend development, multimedia and digital production.
  • Vanilla JavaScriptHTML and CSS (SCSS). Responsive & mobile-first website development.
  • Version control systems (Git), familiar with various CRMs, project management tools & workflow processes. (Slack, Monday, HubSpot, Teams)
  • Excellent problem-solving and communication skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in a team and meet project deadlines. Available to work locally in office space or face to face video calls.
  • Clean semanticaccessible (accessibility minded) HTML.
  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Not every project is a new site build, most of my work is done helping talented teams. 

As a full service approach, Discovery -> UX review -> Design -> Development -> Testing -> Maintenance this works well. 

real world example, where I might help you: 

  • Full website builds - building out approved designs to a high standard. 
  • Assisting with other developers, this could be by building modules for a large project. 
  • Helping with maintenance or extending an existing Craft project. 
  • Connect
  • Let's Chat!
  • Have a brew!
  • Development

Let's make a connection, have a chat and see how we can help each other.

I've used adHock, Agile and Waterfall approaches in the past. I'm flexible to your project needs.

My preference is a Waterfall style on smaller projects and Sprints on larger builds.

Work with me.


Website design, build, illustration and animation by Martyn Cook.

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